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Child Support Guidelines in Arizona

Child support is a highly statutory issue; one that takes into account the needs of the child in the context of the family’s lifestyle during the marriage.

In Arizona, the guidelines take several issues into account in determining what amount to provide per child, including the gross income of both parties and expenses such as health care, daycare and education. This also includes the time each parent spends with the child pursuant to the parenting plan.

Using these factors, courts can calculate a suggested amount for payout via the Arizona Child Support Calculator. Courts can choose to increase or decrease the final amount if there is proof that a good cause exists for a deviation.

Contact a Skilled Child Support Attorney

While the case may sound simple enough, there are important variables in the Arizona child support statute that make a big difference in the amount a court will ultimately award. Having a skilled and experienced attorney who understands how to apply the statute can help you advocate for your children’s best interests.

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