Same-Sex Family Law Representation

Same sex couple walking hand in hand

Our attorneys have long been staunch supporters of civil rights, including marital rights for the LGBT community. Now that same-sex marriage is finally a reality, it is important for gay and lesbian couples to understand their new rights, and how to protect themselves in the unfortunate event that a divorce or separation occurs.

We can help you preserve your property before a marriage ever takes place by preparing a Prenuptial Agreement. And we can protect you throughout the divorce process by making sure you receive a fair division of property; and that spousal maintenance is awarded if a party is entitled to it under Arizona law. If you have children, we will work hard to ensure that you come away with a legal decision-making and parenting-time plan (formerly known as custody) that is in their best interests and yours, and that child support is included.

Same-Sex Divorce Representation

If divorce between you and your partner is inevitable, it is always a good idea to explore peaceful alternatives as a first option, before jumping headlong into an adversarial and often expensive litigation. Mediation and collaborative divorce are two such options. Our LGBT family law attorneys are strong litigators and understanding mediators with many years of experience working with families, including LGBT couples.

If you are in need of representation, or even if you’d just like a consultation to learn about your legal rights, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach the Law Firm of Gary J. Frank P.C.  at 602-383-3610.

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