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Family violence is a very personal situation where the dynamics of your family life are brought into the courtroom. Legal issues involving protective orders (also called restraining orders) are compounded by the anxiety of what is to come in the relationship and in family life as the collateral effects of the restraining order are realized.

At the law office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., we guide clients through the legal process of obtaining or challenging an order of protection or injunction against harassment. Regardless of the facts involved, we serve as your strong and committed advocate, and Phoenix’s go-to for restraining order attorneys.

Arizona Restraining Orders

Our firm truly cares about the welfare of every family and client we represent. Whether we are assisting you in obtaining protection from abuse or are fighting to expose the truth after false accusations of abuse have been made, we understand the importance of timing in your legal matter. We answer your questions and address your concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible, focusing on solutions that preserve your interests and well-being.

In Arizona, a restraining order is called an order of protection (OOP). Restraining orders require that some form of relationship exists between the parties — spouses, family members, former intimate partners, etc. — and that an act of family violence/domestic violence has occurred, such as:

  • Physical abuse: such as shoving, hitting, kicking
  • Emotional abuse: such as intimidation, abusive language, threats of violence
  • Harassment or stalking: such as harassing phone calls, videotaping of private acts, criminal trespass

Ask Us About Orders of Protection

Recognizing that domestic violence matters frequently arise after hours, our law office provides round-the-clock personal attention to clients in need.

If you have questions about Arizona orders of protection, such as emergency orders of protection, temporary restraining orders, permanent restraining orders or injunctions from harassment, talk with a skilled Phoenix family law attorney at Gary J. Frank, P.C.

To discuss your specific needs with our restraining orders attorney, contact our family law office today.

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