Prenuptial Agreements in Phoenix

When the notion of a premarital agreement (ante-nuptial agreement) is raised, it can be challenging not to immediately question the other individual’s trust or faith in the marriage. In fact, a lack of understanding of prenuptial agreements is one of the primary reasons for couples to experience this negative response. However, there are many reasons for obtaining a premarital agreement and discussing those reasons openly and honestly can provide the foundation for a solid marriage.

At the law office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., our Phoenix premarital agreements attorneys offer many years of experience handling complex family law issues. They provide dedicated and informative legal guidance through the process of negotiating, drafting and reviewing premarital and post-marital agreements.

Premarital Agreements Protect Real People

Premarital agreements (also called prenuptial agreements and ante-nuptial agreements) can offer necessary legal protections to real, everyday people — not just those who are wealthy or possess a significant amount of property. As second marriages, late-in-life marriages and other nontraditional marriages become more common, so has the desire for couples to explore the idea of a prenup before entering into marriage.

A prenuptial agreement can offer peace of mind regarding your financial life as well as nonfinancial life. For example, a premarital agreement can:

  • Protect the inheritance rights of children from prior marriages
  • Ensure a family business stays within the family
  • Protect personal assets from claims against a spouse’s business
  • Provide financial security to those who will need adjustment to co-financial management
  • Provide peace of mind to those who have gone through a difficult divorce or break-up

Personal Attention and Client Service

At the law office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., we are dedicated to providing close personal attention and superior client service.

Additionally, we work diligently to ensure that each premarital agreement we draft or review is clear, thorough and fully compliant with the law — saving you time and money should the agreement ever come into play in the future.

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