Mediation and Alternative Resolutions to Disputes

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Dealing with complex divorce issues, especially those relating to the well-being of your children, can be a difficult and emotionally trying situation; one often ending in drawn-out court battles and expensive legal costs. For individuals who are willing to work together to seek an amicable resolution without the intervention of family law courts, mediation may be an effective and affordable method of finding the closure you need to move on.

At the office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., our attorneys are experienced mediators who can help you reach a resolution to your marital issues. Gary Frank, Hanna Amar and Logan Matura have over 30 years of collected experience in mitigation and alternative disputes. With a focus on your family’s well-being, our legal team works diligently to provide the divorce and child custody or support mediation you need to come to an agreement that will offer a strong future for you and your children.

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Office building Gary J. Frank P.C.Experienced Mediation to Cut Back on Lengthy Legal Battles

The concept of winning in divorce is different than it is in other areas of law like contract or injury cases. In family law, there are rarely situations in which there is a clear-cut winner or loser. Instead, each party is often asked by the courts to compromise, or rather, ordered to compromise on their positions. Through mediation, you can take control of the negotiation process, offering you more say in how your divorce is ultimately settled.

Mediation offers you the ability to maintain a working relationship with your former spouse, allowing you to make joint and civil decisions on issues relating to your children or your futures. This allows for a more stable and positive upbringing for your children and often protects them from the harshness of drawn-out court divorce.

Mediation is always worth a try, even if you believe you are too far removed from your former spouse. With our dedicated and soothing approach, we are often able to bring amicable and affordable closure to even the most complex and highly contested situations, allowing you to move on with your life in a more healthy and efficient manner.

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