Domestic Partnerships

A domestic partnership can refer to either heterosexual or same-sex couples who have chosen to live together without entering into a marriage. When a couple is married the law provides protection in the event of a divorce. However, the lack of a marriage certificate can jeopardize the financial security of two unmarried people going through a breakup. A well-drafted Domestic Partnership Agreement can provide protection by spelling out the rights and benefits that each partner is entitled to receive. When you need a domestic partnership agreement lawyer in Phoenix, schedule a consultation at our law office.

With more than 30 years of legal experience, attorney Gary J. Frank is prepared to provide skilled guidance and representation no matter the complexity of your situation. A domestic partnership agreement can be drafted as simple or as detailed as necessary. Some couples prefer to only address topics such as property division or child custody. Other couples prefer to discuss detailed financial topics. No matter your goals, the law firm of Gary J. Frank, P.C. can help.

Benefits of a Domestic Partnership Agreement

While not married, cohabitating couples still face many of the same issues that a married couple might be forced to address. A domestic partnership agreement can address countless topics, including:

  • Payments for shared property
  • Maintenance or repairs on shared property
  • Control of joint checking accounts or savings accounts
  • Control of pension or retirement accounts
  • Estate planning documents such as wills, trusts or powers of attorney

Additionally, if the couple decides to end the partnership, issues addressed in a divorce order might also be resolved, such as:

Whether you wish to draft a domestic partnership agreement prior to cohabiting; or if the partnership is coming to an end, an experienced attorney can help. Our law firm is prepared to represent clients in Phoenix and communities throughout Arizona. We understand your legal concerns and can explain your options while tailoring an approach specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

Contact an Arizona Domestic Partnership Lawyer

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