Our society is changing fast.  Today, women have opportunities like never before, and they are making the most of their new situation.  A USA Today analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data reveals some startling statistics: 

In 1976 only 6 percent of families consisted of a wife who was the sole breadwinner.  Today, wives are the sole breadwinner in 23 percent of all families;

Wives now out-earn their working husbands 28% of the time.  Twenty-five years ago only 16% of wives out-earned their husband;

In the vast majority of cases in which the economic roles are switched, the woman is better educated than the man; 

Women today attend and graduate college in higher numbers than men.  In 2010 women earned 57 percent of bachelor’s degrees, 60 percent of master’s degrees, and 52 percent of doctoral degrees, according to the Education Department reports.

The result of this role reversal is that women (who were historically deprived of equal rights in the work world) now have an almost unlimited employment opportunities.  It also means that men (who were expected to be breadwinners in the past) are now able to nurture and spend more time with their children.  This can truly be a win-win situation.    

For more on the USA Today analysis of Census Bureau Data, see:

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Exciting Things Happening In Education

Squaw Peak Traditional Academy, in the Creighton School District, is a superstar school in the making.  Its rebirth started with a local attorney, Renee Sandler Shamblin, and a very enthusiastic group of parents.  They had a vision of a stellar neighborhood traditional school in the heart of Phoenix with a Spanish Immersion Program as its centerpiece — and they made it happen.  This school, located in the Biltmore area of Phoenix, near 32nd St. and Camelback Rd., has everything:  a great facility, student diversity, active and involved parents, excellent and committed teachers, a caring and competent Principal, and a district Superintendent who actually listens to parents and cares about their viewpoint.  It’s a public school with a private school sensibility.  The school’s boundaries run north and south from Lincoln Dr. to Indian School Rd.; & east and west from 32nd Street to 40th Street.  There’s a groundswell of excitement about the new Squaw Peak Traditional Academy.  Families are returning to their neighborhood school, knowing that their children will receive a top-notch education.  What started as a trickle is becoming a flood, with waiting lists for the popular Spanish Immersion Program.  Parents can now take the private school tuition they used to pay, and put the money away for their kids’ college education.

A Creighton Override is on the ballot this November.  A “Yes” vote will help maintain small class sizes and fund critical programs such as art, music, and P.E.  Educating Arizona’s children should be our number-one priority.  That’s why I’m voting “Yes” on the Creighton Override.

Gary J. Frank

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