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"Where do I begin? Gary, you are a godsend. The first day I came into your office, my stress was through the roof! Plus I was leery about attorneys. You changed all that in the very first meeting. Now without a doubt, you are tops in your field and a credit to your profession, but what sets you apart is how caring and uplifting you are as a person. The relief I felt when I left your office that first day truly raised my spirits. You see the whole person, not just a client. And, as for your professional skills, they are unparalleled. You educated me. You protected me from making a huge mistake that I would have regretted the rest of my life. You were skilled at bringing all parties to the table. And when you did, you worked your magic. When emotions flared as they always do, the skill with which you reached across and brought everyone back to the table was jaw dropping. How refreshing it was to see an attorney that puts his client's pocketbook over his own. Success to you means protecting your client while achieving an amicable settlement as quickly as possible, with the least amount of expense and red tape. Contrast this to those attorneys who maximize their own pocketbook by fostering an adversarial setting, filing unnecessary court documents, and dragging out the whole process, which creates tons of stress and expense for the parties involved. I cannot thank you enough. You are one of a kind."


"I can't tell you how much I am now enjoying my life. It sounds crazy, but I feel re-born! Of course, I have my days, but they are fewer and fewer. I spend time with family and friends and for the first time in seven plus years, I feel alive and well. I will never be able to thank you enough for all your caring and encouragement throughout this extremely stressful and challenging time in my life. I could not have managed to get through it without your support."


I was going through a family court case & did not have a lawyer. I needed help filling out paperwork and knowing what to do in court. Mr. Frank met with me on several occasions and helped with properly filling out all of my paperwork and informing me of the correct way to file it. He gave me his cell phone # & always returned my calls promptly.

I knew the other party in the case didn't have a lawyer and I couldn't afford one. Mr Frank helped me determine what my exhibits should be, and helped me to properly prepare them. He charged a reasonable fee for these services and allowed me to make payments.

I was terrified of going to court and representing myself for such an important case & Mr Frank made sure I felt confident and prepared. My case turned out very well and the court awarded me with everything I asked for."

Family Law Client

Note: Client gave Mr. Frank the highest rating possible in all areas: "Knowledgeable," "Trustworthy," "Responsive," and "Did the Attorney Keep You Informed."

I have already recommended Gary to (a friend) for her divorce. Thanks Gary!!!

Family Law Client

Note: Client gave Mr. Frank the highest rating possible in the all areas: "Knowledgeable," "Trustworthy," "Responsive," and "Did the Attorney Keep You Informed."

When I found myself needing to file for divorce I knew, as a mediator, that I needed an attorney who was mediation and settlement friendly and who would be sensitive to my emotional as well as my economic needs. When I described those criteria to a fellow mediator who specialized in domestic relations he told me "There's only one name to give you and that's Gary Frank." He wasn't wrong! Gary did everything he could to minimize both conflict, legalities and cost while providing excellent representation. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.


Dear Gary,

I am very satisfied for all you have done for me throughout my divorce and custody cases. You listened to what was important to me and you made it your number-one priority. The safety of my children meant the world to me and you helped me keep them safe. You are excellent in the courtroom. Throughout all of my court cases and different issues with my ex-husband, you helped me stay calm and grounded. I believe in our justice system since I was lucky enough to have an amazing attorney. Mr Gary Frank, you were a godsend in many ways, and every time I look at my children and know they're safe I thank God for finding such a great attorney. I would recommend your services to anyone! Thank you once again for all your hard work.


I had a very legally and emotionally difficult case, and was fortunate enough to have Mr. Frank's legal assistance. Mr. Frank was extremely professional, reliable, and competent. He always kept me informed of my case, and he gave me great legal insights. His litigation expertise and easy disposition allowed me to be comfortable and less stressed considering the situation. Mr. Frank always treated me with respect, and valued my input. I felt part of a collaborative effort rather than the usual attorney-client relationship. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Frank, and I would most definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Family Law Client

I am a professional in a law related field, and I interact frequently with attorneys. Mr. Frank embodies all the qualities that a great attorney should have. On the professional side, he is reliable, and competent, and on the human side he is compassionate, and honest. His extraordinary ability to relate to his clients and understand their needs is what sets Mr. Frank apart from other Family Law practitioners. I was very pleased with his services and would highly recommend him to anybody in need of legal services.

Family Law Client

We want to thank Mr. Frank for all the hard work, patience, and heart he put into our case. We have actually worked with numerous lawyers (lastly with Mr. Frank) on this one case, and by far Mr. Frank has given us the best service. Mr. Frank is a rare individual; he fights for you to truly help you. As a party involved, I value his commitment and his passion to fight for a right cause, and not just to win a case. I am also very grateful that Mr. Frank is honest and very straight forward about every aspect of the case. He explained the process and the situation clearly, and put our minds at ease during the whole process. He is definitely a quality lawyer, and if you need legal advice, meet with Mr. Frank and I am sure you'll see why we are most satisfied with his service. If it weren't for Mr. Frank's kind help, things would have been very different, and we wouldn't want to imagine it. We will never be able to forget our gratefulness to Mr. Frank; he has truly been our guardian angel during our hardest times.


Gary Frank is the best lawyer out of all the lawyers my family has worked with. He works from his heart. He is definitely an indispensable and valuable lawyer; not only is he very responsible, but we have come to find that he is also a very diligent, humane, and understanding attorney. I am personally grateful for all that he has done for my family. Not only has he been very clear with the whole case, he has also shown us that he puts all his heart, effort, and professional moral conduct into every bit of the process. Although my family has worked with other lawyers throughout the years, seriously, I don't want to imagine our life today without his help. I also respect and am unthinkably grateful for his benevolence and the moral obligation he has shown throughout all his efforts and work. We were most satisfied with Mr. Frank, and we highly recommend him to everyone in need of legal advice. We just can't thank him enough. He is someone who helped our family during our hardest times, and we will never be able to forget the gratefulness we feel.


When given the opportunity to write a testimonial for Gary Frank, who represented me in my divorce a few years ago, I hardly know where to begin. Gary helped me in so many ways during those terrible two years I could write a book about the experience. But I’ll try to distill them into a paragraph or two.

From our first meeting, I knew that Gary was a lawyer who could listen. Being a former attorney myself, I know how often a client speaks to her or his attorney and gets the impression, usually true, that they are not being heard, whether because the lawyer is in a rush, or forms an instant opinion about the way the case should be handled, or just because she or he lacks the interpersonal skills to be able to actually hear what is said to them. Throughout my long and convoluted divorce proceedings, Gary never failed to hear me and he always responded in a thoughtful, kind, and insightful manner. I could always reach him, he always got back to me immediately when there was a problem, and there were a lot of them, and he responded in a timely manner to any filing by my ex-husband’s attorney. He also worked with me to try to contain the cost of my divorce, devising strategies that would be less time-consuming and draining on my dwindling resources.

Gary has a lot of experience handling divorces and that was readily apparent to me as I watched him represent me as if I were his only client, responding in court to nasty accusations, frivolous filings, and outright lies put forward by the other side. He was able to be a fierce fighter for my rights and interests, all the while being extremely calm, which really helped me since I was an emotional wreck. I always believed he would do the right thing, and do it in the right manner. I never once doubted his ability or his intention to do what needed to be done. And I was validated in that belief when we finally reached a mediated settlement under which I was given the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances. There are very few days that go by, even now, when I don’t mentally thank Gary for his representation of me. I would recommend him unqualifiedly.

Family Law Client

November 2009

I retained Mr. Frank almost two years to represent me in a visitation modification filed by my ex-husband. Mr. Frank quickly and efficiently became familiar with my case and was very honest about all the potential results that could occur. I truly feel that Mr. Frank had my children’s best interests in mind at all times and never once did he fail to provide me with reassurance, honesty and good advice. He represented me in court with the utmost professionalism and rejoiced as much as I did when the decisions were in our favor. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Frank for any family law matter and know that I can always contact him with questions and concerns.

Judy K

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