In an article about Jason Kidd, a former Phoenix Suns basketball player who was recently elected to the Hall of Fame, a local sportswriter wrote: “Kidd was traded after a 2001 fight with his wife that led to him pleading guilty to spousal abuse.” But he quickly went on to note: “His personal troubles didn’t seem to affect his play.”

Really? That’s it? Are we supposed to admire this guy for not letting the fact that he beat up his wife affect his play on the basketball court? – I have news for you: Many men who abuse their wives or children don’t let their “personal troubles” affect their performance at work. Maybe instead of praising the abusers for doing so well professionally, we should look at how those beatings affect the lives of the victims.

Domestic violence is an insidious evil. And that evil is endemic to all cultures, and all ethnic and socio-economic groups. It’s an evil that needs to be eradicated. But we’ll never wipe it out by downplaying it, or so easily giving an abuser a “pass” as long as he’s a famous athlete or a corporate executive, or a high-ranking politician. I stand with the “Me-Too” movement. I stand with “Time’s-Up.” Only by men and women standing up and speaking out against domestic violence, sexual harassment, gender inequality, and workplace discrimination will we begin to see any real change.


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