Corey Vargas is a 21 year-old kid who was walking his dog in the desert outside of Phoenix, AZ and fell 30 feet into a dry riverbed.  He broke his back in several places and laid there, paralyzed and helpless, for three long days.

That Corey survived is a miracle.  He surely had a guardian angel watching over him (and sometimes guardian angels come in animal form).  It was his dog, Ace, who stayed by his side and kept him safe until he could be rescued.

Thankfully, Corey has his life back.  But now he is facing a new challenge — he is fighting to learn to walk again.  His medical bills are almost insurmountable.   His rehabilitation will be long and grueling, and will cost even more.  But Corey’s will to live, his positive attitude, and his determination to “make it all the way back” prove that anything is possible.

You can help.  Just by reading this post and sharing it with your friends, you will be making a difference in the lives of Corey and his devoted dog, Ace.

I’m supporting “Footsteps for Corey.”  I hope you will, too.

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