Here are some interesting Alimony Statistics from “The New Art of Alimony” by Jennifer Levitz for the Wall Street Journal November 4th, 2009, via the Maricopa County Bar Association Family Law Section Newsletter:
  • Americans paid $9.4 billion in alimony to former spouses in 2007. (IRS) That’s up from $5.6 billion a decade earlier. (IRS)
  • 97% of alimony-payers were men last year (2008). (U.S. Census)
  • The percentage of women supporting ex-husbands is increasing. (U.S. Census)
·         Women made up 46.7% of the work force in 2008. (DOL) That’s up from 41.2% in 1978. (DOL)
·         Women, 45 to 54 years old, earn 75% as much as men the same age.
In Arizona, Alimony is referred to as Spousal Maintenance (there is a more thorough discussion of spousal maintenance on my website).  In deciding whether to award spousal maintenance; and in determining the amount and duration of payments, the Court looks to the factors listed in Arizona Revised Statutes, Section 25-319.  There are no guidelines for awarding spousal maintenance, and every case is determined on its own merits, based on the factors listed in the statute.  These can be complex cases which require an analysis of the parties’ lifestyle, the financial needs of the spouse seeking maintenance, and the other party’s ability to pay.

I have handled spousal support cases in Arizona for thirty years. If you are in need of a consultation regarding the issue of Spousal Maintenance then do not hesitate to contact the law firm of Gary J. Frank P.C. for a consultation.  You can reach us by telephone at 602-383-3610 or by email through our website at /.   Contact us today.

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