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Guiding your family through complicated legal issues can be a challenging task to face alone. When family law issues arise, your family’s very well-being may be on the line, leading to the need for an experienced lawyers who will protect you and help you find the resolutions and closure you need to move on with your life.

We focus on divorce and high-conflict custody matters
and provide experienced and caring attention to
YOUR family’s needs

At the office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., our attorneys, Gary Frank, Hanna Amar, and Logan Matura are strong and committed advocates who offer caring and compassionate family law assistance to clients in the Phoenix Metro area. With a focus on your family’s legal, emotional, and financial well-being, we work diligently to help you find the affordable and efficient resolutions you deserve, all in an effort to help you get on with your life.

Maricopa County Divorce Attorneys Handling All Areas of Family Law

We have a great deal of experience in all areas of family law, and we are able to assist with a wide variety of family law matters.

We are located in the prestigious Biltmore area in Phoenix, with satellite offices throughout the Valley in order to better serve you.

To discuss your specific family law matters with our Phoenix child custody attorneys and family lawyers, contact our office online or call us personally at 602-383-3610 today.

Finding the Best Resolution for You and Your Family

Our firm truly cares about the welfare of every family and client that we represent. We understand that you are experiencing a confusing and emotionally difficult situation, and we work diligently to answer your questions and address your issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We hope to offer you peace of mind in knowing that your best interests are being looked after and protected throughout our service to you. To that end, we offer all our clients:

  • Assertive advocacy for your protection
  • Caring and focused representation
  • Emotional and legal support
  • Experienced mediation guidance
  • Extensive trial experience
  • Extensive experience as a negotiator
  • Direct contact with our attorneys, including his personal
  • cell phone number
  • Round the clock attention to your questions and concerns
  • Insightful advice from our attorney Gary Frank, who served for many years as a judge pro tem filling in for family court judges in the Superior Court, and from Hanna Amar, who is a skillful litigator and top-notch negotiator, with a keen understanding of both the law and the needs of clients and families.
  • A dedicated and strong advocate for your children’s best interests
  • Personal attention to your specific needs
  • Affordable fees with the option to pay with major credit cards

office building Gary J. Frank PCPreparation and Customer Service Sets Us Apart

Gary J. Frank has been a highly successful family law litigator and mediator in Arizona for more than 30 years. That success can be attributed to his power of persuasion and the careful preparation that he puts into each and every one of his family law cases.

Hanna E. Amar is a skilled litigator and a trained mediator. What drives her is compassion for her clients and an overriding desire to safeguard their interests. Hanna cares about families and she is an advocate for children. She will stand strong to protect her clients and fight for their rights.

Logan Matura combines empathy, excellent writing skills, and strong advocacy to provide top-notch representation for her clients. Having clerked for a Family Court judge in the Bronx, NY while in law school gave her an insight into Family Law and the inner workings of Family Court that most lawyers never experience. She uses that knowledge to provide her clients with expert advice and guidance.

Gary, Hanna, and Logan understand that people going through a contested divorce or custody dispute are experiencing the most difficult time in their lives — emotionally, financially, and in every other way. Clients need a strong, honest, advocate who will work hard to protect their rights and achieve a positive result. They take that responsibility very seriously.

No two divorce or custody cases are alike. Our firm develops a comprehensive case plan tailored to the needs of each individual client. We view the attorneys-client relationship as a team effort, and we communicate with the client regularly to discuss case strategy and decision-making. Throughout the course of the case, our attorneys will take the necessary steps to assure that all bases are covered. This may include pre-trial discovery tools such as document demands, subpoenas, interrogatories, or depositions. We also have a variety of experts at our disposal to assist in custody evaluations, asset searches, real estate appraisals, financial planning, division of businesses and property, and other important matters. If discovery or the use of experts becomes necessary or advisable, we will first discuss the matter with the client to assure that he or she understands why these measures are important and how they can be beneficial. “Many lawyers fail to communicate the case plan and strategy to their clients or seek their input,” says Gary Frank. “But I have found that working closely with the client greatly increases the chances of achieving a positive outcome in any divorce or custody case.”

Skillful case planning. Thorough preparation. Customer service.
These are what separate the experienced and successful family law litigator from the rest of the pack.

You don’t have to face your divorce, custody, support, or other legal dispute alone. Contact our Arizona family law office or call us personally at 602-383-3610 to learn how we can be of assistance.

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