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Personalized Divorce Representation in Arizona

The end of a marriage can be a confusing situation. With various legal issues to be addressed, compounded with the emotional complexities of ending the relationship, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be vital in helping you create a positive future for yourself and your children.

At the office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., our Phoenix divorce attorney has 30 years of experience offering caring and knowledgeable divorce guidance to clients throughout the area. Over the years, we have learned effective strategies for addressing your unique divorce proceedings, and can provide knowledgeable mediation or experienced courtroom representation, whichever is better suited to achieve your goals.

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Addressing the Important Issues of Your Divorce

We offer the personalized representation you deserve when you go through a difficult divorce. Whether you and your former spouse are able to work together to come to amicable resolutions or would rather deal with these matters in court, our attorney can offer the guidance you need to find the results you want.

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We are able to address all divorce-related issues, including:

To better serve you and your best interests, we regularly work with property division and child support professionals, including CPAs, financial planners and appraisers to determine asset values and fair division agreements.

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At the office of Gary J. Frank, P.C., we take the time to understand your specific divorce needs and offer the advice you need to make decisions on how to address your issues. Whether you can come to amicable terms with your former spouse or need the assistance of a family law court to find resolutions, our staff is with you every step of the way.

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